Halle Berry!!! Get this look

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Hello dolls and divas!!! I found this picture and thought it Ms Berry looked absolutely beautiful in this picture. I love her curly short/meduim length hair. I thought this was quite different for her and wanted to share how this look could be achieved with our Brazilian Curly hair!

Things you will need:

  • -2 bundles of 8″ brazilian curly and 1 8″ brazilian curly closure
  • -or 3 bundles of Brazilian curly 8″  (you will not use all 3)   8” available upon request only $60
  • curved hair extension needle and thread.
  • - razor comb (you can use shears/sizzors if you are well trained at cutting hair)

The process:

  1. Okay ladies you will need to cornrow you hair flat to your head in a circular braid pattern. With this style you will not leave any of your real hair out to cover any tracks.
  2. Next take your first pack of 8″ start sewing in your hair from the bottom nape area and work your way up.
  3. If you are planning on using a lace closure then sew the extensions in the direction as if you where to leave a u part out.  If not sew the extensions on in a circular pattern around the head.
  4. Now that the extensions have been applied just add your lace closure or your hand made top closure piece.
  5. Comb the closures to the front as to allow some hair to fall into your face.
  6. Razor come the hair. The shorter pieces will be towards the bottom the longer lengths will be towards the top.

Remember you can always purchase the hair and print out a picture and take them to your local beauty salon. :)


Hope that helps Divas and good luck. If you attempt this style please send us a picture!!! We would love to add it to the gallery!



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