• Hair Care & Maintenance

    How To Make Your Extensions Last

    Here at Virgin Hair Seduction we believe in getting the most bang for your buck.  Buying good hair only takes you so far! Proper hair care and maintenance will ensure your extensions last.


    Stop The Shedding Before It Happens!

    Lets just face the  facts, ALL HAIR SHEDS… but there are ways to greatly diminish shedding. ​

    • ​First seal your wefts. This is very important! We offer a weft sealing service where we use our own special weft sealant for a small fee.  If you choose to seal them yourself some popular weft sealants are Frey Block, & Aleene’s Stop Fraying.  There are many “how to” videos on sealing wefts on YouTube.
    • ​Secondly, DO NOT use bristle brushes as they tend to latch onto individual hair fibers and rip them from the weft. Always use  wide tooth combs or paddle brushes.







    Cleanse and Condition Your Hair Properly!

    • To cleanse the hair we recommend Giovanni’s Organic Cleansing Shampoo. A less expensive alternative is Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Shampoo.
    • To condition the hair we recommend Herbal Essence Hello Hydration (our #1 choice) or any conditioner formulated for wavy/curly hair. ​
    • Make sure all hear is already detangled  and pulled in the direction as if to give 2 side ponytails.  Tilt your head to one side under the shower and allow the water to completly satruate your hair, working only one side at a time. Add the shampoo to your palms and slide your hands down your hair from weft to tip. DO NOT  rub or bunch the hair to form a lather as this will only create unnecessary tangles! Continue to slide your hands through your hair for about 5 minutes. Rinse by allowing the water to flow through your hair as before, you may slide your hands through your hair to speed up the rinse process but remember DO NOT rub or bunch the hair. Blot with towel and allow hair to AIR DRY
    • Use the same method for your conditioner and co-washes
    • Shampoo: About once every 3 weeks
    • Co-Wash (conditioner wash): As often as needed


     Before You Go To Bed:


    • ​It is very important to manage your hair before you go to bed. Tie your hair up at night with either a silk/satin scarf or a silk/satin bonnet. The bonnets that give leeway for longer lengths  work best. (see pic above)
    • For wavy/curly textures we recommend putting 5-10 large twist or braids in your hair then placing it under a bonnet.
    • For Straight textures we recommend wrapping your hair then placing it under a silk/satin scarf.

    Following this nightly routine will make your extensions last longer, look better, and prevent tangling which leads to excessive shedding.

    messy hair

    Treat your extensions as if they where your real natural hair!

     THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT COMPONENT: If you love your extensions they will love you back! Here are some Do’s & Don’ts 
    • allow your hair to air dry if you decide to blow dry always use a heat protectant​
    • when styling your hair with heat products always use heat protectants ESPECIALLY with the wavy textures. A high concentration of heat can cause heat damage and alter (loosen) the natural curl pattern. Walmart has a wide range of heat protectants to choose from. John Freida’s heat defeat thermal guard protectant spray  is a good one to use because its light weight and oil free. ​
    • Follow our nightly routine or create your own.
    • Follow our wash regimen exactly.​
    • Use paddle bushes and wide tooth combs​
    • Deep Condition your hair often
    • ​ DO NOT ADD A BUNCH OF PRODUCTS TO YOUR HAIR! Hair tends to matte and tangle when styling products are added. If you have curly extensions and you want to tame the hair or reduce frizz just use a small amount anti-frizz serum. If products are added you can remove them by cowashing with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration conditioner without causing dryness.
    • Never try to style, wash, or detangle your hair when you are tired or in a rush! This is a recipe for  frustration and will cause you to be very rough with your hair. ​
    • do not use bristle brushes.